Welcome to the Surf Coast Isolation Support Forum which has been set up to help people along the Victorian Surf Coast, especially the elderly and infirm, many of whom do not have computers and can be missed at this difficult time.

In tune with the younger set, I will also refer to the Coronavirus or Covid-19 as RONA.

In addition, it can be used to pass on any local news or information that isn’t RONA related. Let’s face it – many people need their gossip and if you are stuck at home on self-isolation, one might miss out on juicy titbits! For some people, that just wouldn’t do!.

Examples of items that could be put up on the Forum are things like: –

  • I haven’t seen or heard from Jack Smith for a while – could someone knock on his door and make sure he is ok.
  • I hear that IGA will have a fresh delivery of toilet rolls tomorrow.
  • Sad to inform the group that Charlie Brown had to go to hospital yesterday.
  • First case of the Rona virus reported in ………….
  • Alice Halfpenny needs some help fixing a ……………..
  • There has been an increase in burglaries recently so be more careful with your home security.

Just a few examples – there will be more.

To join simply click on the JOIN US button above and send us your name and email address and a confirmation of registration email will be sent to you.  Look forward to getting plenty of emails!

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We realise that there are several social media sites that are very useful including the Facebook “Anglesea Live” group but not everybody, especially the elderly and infirm, use social media. People don’t have to join the Forum to read the posts but do need to join in order to make a contribution. Let’s help those who need it most at this distressing time for them.

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