Wake up Canberra

It seems to me that there is a distinct lack of grey matter in the halls of power in Canberra. They are not listening to the people of Australia.

The 2010 election result was the first hung parliament since 1940. There is every chance this election will end up being a hung parliament. Even blind Freddy could see the likelihood of this.

When Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister, he would have won by a country mile if he had called an election then. But he didn’t and he showed his true colours and Australians have reacted responsibly. But will he and his cronies get the message? I doubt it.

Australians are sick to death of the political shenanigans going on in Canberra. We are fed up with the negativity and deceit that both of the major parties practice. What we want to hear are sensible policies that tackle the issues that are important to us rather than the self-centred power factions of the two parties and the constant desire to denigrate the other parties policies. The majority of caring Australians want action on health, education, climate change, renewable energy – policies to protect our future.

Wake up Canberra, before it is too late.

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