Tradesmen left alone in a house

A tradesman asked if he could carry out some work in my home even though neither my wife nor I could be present.  When I refused, he got upset saying he would never get any work done if everyone thought like me.

For a while, I had a retirement hobby fixing people’s computer problems.  Often I would be told where to find the key to the house and to make sure the door was locked when I left.  I did this a few times but always felt uncomfortable.  One day I found myself in a house that clearly had a lot of very valuable items in it and that’s when I said – no more of this.

What would happen if I locked up and left the house and then someone broke in?  I would be a suspect.  What if I slipped and fell and hurt myself with no-one to help me?

I mentioned this to my local policeman and his answer was simple – never leave anyone in your house on their own.

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