There but for the grace of God …………………………..

I submitted a variation of this to The Age but it wasn’t published.

Italy has rescued 64,000 asylum seekers since the start of 2014. The Australian Government is proudly proclaiming that it has rescued none, nil, zero, zilch.

And now we have 150 Tamils held behind locked doors in rooms without windows on a customs ship for more than two weeks and look likely to spend a lot more time there before their fate is known.

My main concern is the damage all this is doing to our great country, that many decent minded citizens in other countries are going to form a less favourable opinion of us, and that some others will start to form a hatred which will spread.

Future Australians will look back on this time and thank us for what we have done, and not in the way that Tony Abbott believes.

I have emailed my concerns on this terrible situation to the UNHCR and I hope many other like-minded Australians do likewise.

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