Whatever happens tomorrow in America, they are going to end up with a President who is unlikely to unite the country.  The lies, hatred and bigotry that has been the hallmark of this unbelievably long campaign leaves me saddened.  The country is split down the middle – and it seems most likely that whoever wins will not win convincingly.  This is not a healthy outcome for the troubled world we live in.

I have a distant cousin I correspond with in New York, a mature age man who is highly intelligent and very easy going.  He stunned me recently when he said that he could never vote for Hilary Clinton because she is so corrupt.

Are we any better here in this country?  I don’t think so.  We recently returned the Coalition government with the slenderest majority and a Senate even more recalcitrant than the previous one.  We sent a clear message to Canberra but it has gone unheeded.  The antics in Parliament continue to be a disgrace with everyone shouting and throwing abuse at their opposite numbers under parliamentary privilege.  I daren’t suggest any are corrupt but I wonder how many are squeaky clean?

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