I have enjoyed an email friendship with a guy in New York for some years now.  I was stunned when he told me he was voting for Donald Trump.  When I asked why, he said that most of the powerful politicians in the USA are corrupt and that Hilary Clinton was the most corrupt.  He argued that anyone with no political baggage was preferable to Hilary.

Could this happen here?  Absolutely.  It already is.  The last election sent a strong message to Canberra which has been ignored.  The pollies are not governing for the State or for the Country.  They are only interested in themselves, in getting re-elected and promoted.  And whenever something goes wrong, an earnest looking pollie face appears on TV pontificating and demanding resignations or sackings.

They just don’t get it and I fear they will never learn.  Peter Dutton, when asked about Corey Bernardi, said that he should have stayed in the Liberal tent and focussed on demeaning the Labor Party.  We don’t elect pollies to attack the opposition, we elect them to run the country.

Let’s stop the blame game and start making this country a better place than what it is at the moment.

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