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Introduction to My Blog

I hope those of you who visit my blog find my posts interesting. Now that I have achieved septuagenerian status, I feel that I can say that I have “been there, done that” and hindsight is a wonderful asset. If you do find my topics interesting, please pass my blog address on to your friends.  Some of my posts are topics I am passionate about and some of them are letters I have written to newspapers – primarily “The Age” – some do actually get published!

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My first ever letter to The Age letters page was submitted on Friday 30 June 2000, the day before GST was introduced. In those days, The Age had a “letter of the day” and it was published at the top of the Opinion page. I was very proud of that letter and I have included it in this blog as my first post – see below – the topic is still very meaningful today and I encourage you to read it. The Age titled it – “For some of us, the chains grow heavier”.

For some of us, the chains grow heavier

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For some of us, the chains grow heavier I keep hearing how much better off we all will be once the GST is introduced. Any increases in prices will apparently be more than compensated for by the reduced tax rates. But what about those people who are not earning any income? At the age of 59, I have reluctantly given up a well paid job in order to look after my wife who is seriously ill. It was either that or put her into a nursing home. The pension that the government pays to carers is ridiculously low and as…

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