The Turnbull government wants a levy on Telcos to help pay for the rollout of the NBN in regional areas (Telco ‘tax’ for NBN rollout – The Age 13/12)

Blind Freddie will tell you that the Telcos will pass this cost on to the users which means in effect that we will cop this ‘tax’.  And if the tax is – let’s say – 10% – then the Telcos will pass on a little bit more claiming additional accounting costs to them.  I wouldn’t mind so much if we were getting a decent broadband network but as a retired IT professional, I know we are not.  Reports on worldwide broadband rankings appear in the press regularly but one thing is common in all of them – Australia is ranked very low on the lists.

My advice to the government is, if you want to raise extra revenue for this purpose, try making those companies and people who pay no tax, actually pay their fair share of tax.

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