NBN in Anglesea


The National Broadband Network has finally surfaced here in Anglesea.  And the Internet Service Providers are touting their offerings.

Sadly, it is fiber to the node as opposed to fiber to the premises.  So I am restricted by the copper wire that runs from the NBN node at the end of my street to my home.

While an army of men on 457 visas were installing the NBN, my home telephone was disconnected twice, both times for 5 days.

This morning I checked out Telstra’s NBN plans.

Telstra are offering me a slight reduction as compared to my current plan but it isn’t enough to sway me.  I have to use their Technicolour modem which is really a Thomson modem.  I have never liked the Thomson modems.  It also means that my telephone landline will operate through the modem so I will not be able to use an ordinary handset plugged in to a Telstra phone socket.

Currently I have two Netgear N600 modems so if my modem hiccups, I can immediately switch to the other modem.  If the Telstra Technicolour NBN modem hiccups, I will be dependent on Telstra and history tells me that is not wise.

I am currently getting about 13mbps download speed with my ADSL connection.  The NBN plan offers 25mbps although they promise faster speeds if I pay extra per month.

Telstra doesn’t have a good history when it comes to protecting download speeds.  Sometime ago I found that my ADSL speed was around 4mbps download speed and it was frustrating me in my work.  I rang 13 3933 to complain and was advised by the Filipino support person that it was caused by congestion in the Anglesea telephone exchange and that there were no plans at that stage to address it.  That didn’t impress me at all so I wrote a letter to the CEO of Telstra and told him what I thought.  Within a week, I was up to about 13mbps downloads.

For what I am currently doing at the moment with my genealogy projects, 13mbps or thereabouts is quite adequate, so I see no need to change something that isn’t broken.


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