Nauru and Manus Island

I found The Age editorial – “Cruel detention camps must close” (The Age 21/8) both thoughtful and thought provoking.  Why is it that nobody in our Federal Parliament is prepared to make a serious stand on the situation in Nauru and Manus Island?

And then I read Tony Wright’s excellent article – “A lament for the loss of love in the age of politics” (The Age 20/8).  That sort of answered my question.

There is so much animosity and testosterone fueled tensions in the Federal Parliament that prevents any level of care and compassion.  They haven’t even returned from their excessive leave of absence and already negative statements are appearing in the media, such as the pairing issue.  And we have an Immigration Minister, the po-faced Peter Dutton, who clearly doesn’t have one iota of compassion for the poor refugees and is blaming everyone, especially the Labor Party and the ABC, but not himself.

If there is a God, he won’t be shaking Peter Dutton’s hand when he reaches his use by date.

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