More on the Plebiscite

At last someone has published a sensible article on the Plebiscite – James Massola – (Make no mistake, Labor and the Coalition are playing politics with same-sex marriage – The Age online 27/9/2016).

This plebiscite is doomed – the Liberal right wing doesn’t want same-sex marriage and they are demanding Malcolm Turnbull push for a plebiscite because they know Bill Shorten will oppose it – he has to – he is in Opposition.  Opposition parties oppose everything as John Clarke and Bryan Dawe said (Clarke and Dawe do Turnbull – ABC 16/04/2009).

Malcolm would love a free vote but if he pushed for it, the right wing would remove him as Prime Minister and that’s something he doesn’t want.  He travels the world meeting all these seemingly important people, staying at the best hotels and it doesn’t cost him anything.

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