The man who missed the boat


Congratulations to The Age for its page 1 story of inhumane pain and suffering of people who deserve better.  “The man who just missed the boat” (The Age 10/9).  Yet another story; yet another headline.  How much longer do we as caring and concerned Australians have to put up with this shame while the rest of the world looks on in disgust?

I also watched the video on The Age on-line, watched the young child show his father via Skype what he had bought for him for Father’s Day this year, and also what he bought him last year.  Anyone watching this video without being brought to tears has no compassion.

To all our elected representatives in Canberra – for God’s sake, it is time to end this shameful charade that is being played out.  If our Parliamentarians believe that they are only doing what the average Australian wants, then I am ashamed to be an Australian.

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