What happened in America has already happened here

Many people are suggesting that what happened recently in the US with Donald Trump winning the election, could happen here.  But in my mind, it already has.

When Malcolm Turnbull toppled Tony Abbott, many Australians, including those who are not Liberal Party members, thought that this action heralded a new era.  We thought that Malcolm would bring some common sense to government.

Immediately his popularity surged to a level that suggested if he called a snap election straight away, he would romp home with a massive majority.

But he didn’t call an election, and he succumbed to the Coalition right wing and by the time he asked for a double dissolution, we were all pretty disappointed in him.  The result – he scraped home by the smallest of margins and he now has a worse Senate than before including a resurgent One Nation Party.

The Australian voting public gave him the bird.

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