I had a heavy heart and a tear in my eye when I read Michael Gordon – “Death raises questions over detainee’s medical treatment” – (the Age 26/12).


Faysal Ishak Ahmed fled the horrors of Sudan looking for a new life and who knows what he might have achieved given the opportunity.  He may have been a surgeon, or a teacher, or a pilot – we’ll never know.


Sadly, for him, he picked the wrong country at the wrong time.  He was clearly ill and in need of proper medical attention yet we denied him that right.  We voted this government into power so we are all guilty.  How many more refugees must die before we come to our senses?


While Faysal Ishak Ahmed’s body was being prepared for his funeral, I wonder what Peter Dutton and his colleagues were doing?  Probably enjoying Christmas which we denied to Faysal.

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