Contacting companies

There was a time when one could pick up the phone and ring a company with an enquiry or complaint and the call would be dealt with promptly and efficiently.  But that came at a cost and the cost cutters didn’t like that.

Phone numbers started disappearing from letterheads and web sites and replaced with email addresses.  If you were lucky, you might get an email reply within a few days.  But in time this process fell out of favour – it meant hiring more people and training them.

Then the email support addresses disappeared and we were encouraged to submit our enquiry via an online contact form and wait in hope for a reply.  Many older people find this process confronting so they don’t bother.  A win for the cost cutters.  One of the problems associated with this method is that one doesn’t have a copy of one’s enquiry or complaint.  I recently was berated by a support person saying I had filled out the online form incorrectly.  Not having a copy of it, I couldn’t argue.

I guess the next step will be the introduction of a fee to process the enquiry and we will be asked to submit credit card information before we get a reply.

Life was simpler with smoke signals and carrier pigeons!

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