Journalistic ethics

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The Australian Journalists’ Association (AJA) Code of Ethics 1994 states that each member of the Australian Journalists’ Association is bound by its rules to observe their Code of Ethics which include among other things: To report and interpret news with a scrupulous honesty; not to suppress essential facts nor distort the truth by omission or wrong or improper emphasis; not to allow his personal interests to influence him in the discharge of his duties; and to do his utmost to maintain full confidence in the integrity and dignity of the calling of a journalist. I can name many journalists, in…

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Malcolm – It’s Time

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Malcolm Turnbull went to the last election looking for a mandate to get his policies through Parliament and to remove what he described as an obstructionist cross bench in the Senate. He got neither. The previous election saw the Liberal/National Coalition win with a 30 seat majority in the Upper House. Now he has a solitary seat majority – the people have spoken – that is not a mandate. And he faces a much different cross bench in the Senate and I am certain he is not happy about that. He is now far worse off than before he called…

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