The big question about climate change

By November 29, 2016My thoughts - FWIW

I sent the letter below to both The Age and the Herald Sun.  The Age chose not to print it but the Herald Sun did – but – they doctored it removing the reference to Andrew Bolt.  If you criticise Andrew Bolt to the Herald Sun, they won’t print it, and if you do the same with The Age, it seems The Age are wary of printing it in case they are seen as “knocking” a journalist from a rival newspaper.  So Andrew Bolt escapes public scrutiny.


If I am unwell, I go to my doctor.  If my car breaks down, I take it to a mechanic.  If I need legal advice, I consult a lawyer.

With regard to climate change, I am not a scientist so I read what scientists say about climate change.  Not all agree but it seems to me that by far the majority are in agreement – that climate change is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

What baffles me is that many people who think they know everything are quick to argue that climate change is a myth.  People like Andrew Bolt who is an Arts graduate – he is not a scientist yet he is adamant that climate change is a hoax.

I have a simple answer to this.  If it is real, and we do nothing about it, at some stage in the future our descendants are going to suffer.  So let’s stop arguing as to who is right or wrong and let’s tackle the issue.  If it transpires that we did need to address it, then all will be well, but if it turns out we didn’t need to, does it really matter?  I have been paying house insurance for many years but have never made a claim but I might need to one day.

At least we will have created a lot of jobs.

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