The American Presidential election

In Australia, elections to vote in a new government take place every three years unless the government of the day decides to call an election early, which is not uncommon unfortunately. Election campaigns normally only last for a few weeks. The last election campaign that we endured recently lasted for 8 weeks and by the end of it we were sick to death of it all.

The previous Liberal Coalition government was returned to power with a majority of one in the House of Representatives and a divided Senate that includes more minor party members and independents than are normally elected. This means that the government is always going to have to do deals with the minor parties and independents to pass legislation through both houses. IMHO this is the Australian people saying they are sick of the way the politicians are running the country.

I feel very sorry for the American people. They have had to endure 12 months of unbelievable political campaigning to elect a new President. Then when it is all over, they take a deep breath and in three years’ time will go through it all again.

And who do they select this time around – Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump? Hilary has had a lengthy career in politics although she is clearly unpopular and many Americans believe she is corrupt. In this country, many of us believe that we have too many politicians that are corrupt but they still get re-elected! As Lord Acton stated in 1887 to Bishop Mandell Creighton – “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men”.

Donald Trump has never been a politician.

But why is Donald Trump running to be President?

A couple of months ago I had a letter published in the Melbourne Age newspaper where I asked this question. I questioned whether he was serious or was he having “a lend” of the American people? It seemed to me that every time he opened his mouth, he upset someone. Did he really ever want to be President? I said that I didn’t think he did and I don’t think he ever expected to get as far as he has. And for some reason I still can’t fathom, I still don’t think he wants to be President. Today I read that there is a suggestion he may start a new media empire – hmmmm!

So why did he get the Republican nomination? Are the Americans as disenchanted as we are in Australia and are sending a strong message to the politicians?

Regardless of the above, I think that I would prefer to see a person many regard as a corrupt politician as President rather than a narcissistic entertainer who is showing that he can be very unstable. With the state that the rest of the world is in right now with Putin playing games, President Assad running wild, and the Philippines getting closer to China, etc., the rest of the world needs the White House to be in total control.

These are my thoughts FWIW and yes – I do know I may be completely wrong.

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